Do it for your name. Do it for your pride.
—October 5th, 2012
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Poppy and Mary






Another Random Name Mixing from #Midori and #Ninja. Hope you love it!

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Jane and Stella





Okay this is a random mixing name from #Midori and #Ninja. hope you love it! >.<

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People on Earth, above, and below! This is a very important information from us. Hear and you will live.

So, we have this Namix System blog that mixes names. together. We FOLLOW BACK. for only the first 30 people. or if you are also a mixing name blog, of fan, you can always message us and ask us to follow you. 

REMEMBER, REad this, and you live.


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This is for the Anonymous who requested and waited for about 30 minutes or so (:

David + Lissy =

5 options…

Livid (chosen as fav by us)





Complaints? Comments? go on our ask box!

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Anonymous asked:
Thank you, it's great. (:

really? we are happy if someone actually likes our name mixing (: thank youu (:

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This is for the Anonymous who requested and waited.

Patrick + Layla =

4 options:

Laytrick.(chosen as fav by us)




if you are not satisfied please message us again for comments

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This Is How It Works

So, this new blog is created by only two people, thecamelliagarden and her friend. 

This blog gives out mixed name. we mix anime characters names, peoples’ names, or animal names. 

so whenever you want inspiration of funny, cute, or sometimes weird names, come visit Namix System on Tumblr and set a request to us!

we are reminding you that if we don’t finish in 3 weeks, we are very sorry. we have a lot of school stuffs and so forth and so on so yeah.


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